Since 2011 Our Guiding Principles

We don’t claim to be different, special or blessed compared to any other missions organization, but there are certain things that we choose to emphasize.

We are a ministry of a local church, Old Pathway Baptist Church of Waynesville, NC, and you will find that the local church is the heartbeat of what we do. It is the thread running clearly through each of the distinctives that we have outlined.

Gospel Centered

Gospel centered ministry does not mean weak ministry without standards or convictions, but rather that the Cross of Christ is much more significant to our daily lives than often we think. It is easy to slip into the Galatian error–that we can please God through our good works once we are saved. Gospel-centered ministry realizes that the motivation for keeping the Biblical standards and convictions that one ought is the Gospel.

Bible Preaching

Those two words have been burned into our hearts by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and men who have gone before. The Bible is the living book, able to quicken and transform like nothing else. Preaching is how the Bible is delivered to the heart and mind. Any other method, ancient or contemporary, misses this non-negotiable biblical theme—the Gospel is not advice to be followed but an announcement to be received.

Disciple Making

This Gospel that is received does not leave us as it found us. Rather Christ is clear that we ought follow Him. This is not to be done as a sole solitary follower (though that may at times be necessary). Christ instead built his ministry on pouring Himself into 12 men. Likewise, those of us who have grown in grace must aid those young Christians around us. If unreached peoples are to be reached with the Gospel, national believers must be discipled to build strong local churches.