The power of the Gospel in a dark land

Gospel Ministry

Faithful proclamation makes a difference.

Since 2015 our focus has been the spread of the gospel in Slovenia. Nothing can change a life, a family, or a culture like the good news of Jesus. Slovenia has a rich and full history but greatly lacking gospel-centered churches for centuries!

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Core Values

What makes us tick…

A lot of buzzwords float around Christian circles, and every few years something new is in vogue. These core principles have driven this ministry since it's founding in 2011, and our prayer is that this continues to be true.

Disciple making

We can try to build a large, influential ministry for ourselves, or we can build up faithful men to multiply the work. Slovenia will not be reached by one man, one family, or one church. We must invest ourselves into others, so that they may do the same.

The Bible

The Bible is the living book, able to quicken and transform. Preaching is how the Bible is delivered to the heart and mind. Any other method, ancient or contemporary, misses this non-negotiable biblical theme—God has spoken. Hear Him!

The Gospel

Gospel-centered ministry does not mean weak ministry without standards, but rather that the Cross is much more significant to our daily lives than we think. The motivation for keeping Biblical standards and convictions is the Gospel.

The Church

The local church is the center of God's work in this age. Any ministry that neglects the church neglects God's plan. Church planting is the heart of our ministry. Evangelism, discipleship, leader training–all flow from the local church.